Picked Up The Materials

As we live in a neighborhood, we gave some thought to our apiary design. Just in the short time since we made the decision to keep bees, we have learned that, for the most part, the public at large is scared of honey bees (or any kind of insect for that matter). Panels &. MaterialsWith this in mind we decided we needed to build a privacy fence around our hive. Armed with a list of supplies, I was off to Lowe’s. We decided to keep it simple, so I only bought items that were standard length which require minimal cutting. For example, the fence panels we purchased are six feet tall by eight feet long (6’ x 8’) so our fence, consequently, will be six feet tall and eight feet long. I did, however, purchase ten foot (4” x 4” x 10’) posts. They will require some cutting. The reasoning behind this was that the posts need to be set two feet deep. That would make them eight feet tall after being set in, and we’ll have two feet left to allow for ground clearance and level adjustments. Then we can just trim the tops of the posts to the desired height after we get the fence panels hung and leveled. After several trips to Lowes (as we only have a min-van that could even begin to carry all of these materials), we finally made it home with the goods.

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