Exploring The Ruins

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     On March 23,2022, I went out to the apiary to see what I needed to do to get the equipment in shape to receive our next batch of bees. As I took off the telescoping cover and then the inner cover, I discovered that both hives had been the victims of moths, and then later, ants.

     Wax moths wreak havoc on unguarded hives. They eat the honey and wax, and lay eggs on the woodenware. You can see in the pictures that the wax moths have even done significant damage to some of the frames, not to mention leaving remnants of cocoons and other debris.

    After the wax moths came in the ants soon followed. Ants have taken a lot of the honey and further exploration will see if they got it all. At first glance it looks like they got most of the honey but left a significant amount of wax that we can collect.

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