Well-BEEing Apiaries was founded by backyard beekeepers Kyle & Cynthia Kessler. Our motivations for starting our venture was really two-fold. In our never ending quest to be healthy, our extensive research found that natural honey has both antibiotic and healing properties. We also discovered that pure essential oils offered all-natural alternatives for everything from cleaning, coughs, aches and pains and other ailments.

    Secondly, we discovered that over the last several years, due to a variety of factors, including but not limited to GMO (genetically modified organism) tampering of plants, honey bees, which pollinate more than a third of our food supply have been dying in record numbers. With exploding demand for honey products and fewer honey bee colonies the situation is becoming critical. Although beekeepers and researchers have taken drastic measures to help honey bees bounce back, the numbers are not near what we’d like them to be. With that in mind we decided to try and do a small part by trying to provide an optimal situation for honey bees in our area to flourish.